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  Installation of Zend framework 2

Installing Zend Framework is very simple. Once you have downloaded and extracted the framework, you should do composer self-update and composer install --prefer-dist.

I have installed my Zend Framework 2 in WAMP server and accordingly I will explain it.

Step 1: - Download the Zend Framework and extract it.

Step 2:- Once you have done with extraction just rename it, I have renamed as "zf2app", and then browse to http://localhost/zf2app/public/. You will see some errors on the browser, because we have not updated the composer yet.

Step 3:- Execute the below commands on the command prompt to update the composer.

composer self-update
composer install --prefer-dist

Step 4:- Now open the home URL http://localhost/zf2app/public/, you will see the following screen in the browser, which indicates that Zend Framework 1 has installed successfully.

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