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  Root directory structure of the ZEND framework 2

This article will explain the root directory structure of the ZEND framework 2. If you open root directory, then you will see the folders like below image.

Now let me explain the meaning of directories.

Config: The application-wide configuration directory. Within this we have another folder, "autoload", where it is suggested that they are global to local files. 

Data: Here you can store your files that are not part of the application code, but others related to the project, such as diagrams, database dumps, etc..

Vendor: Dedicated to third-party and Zend library directory.

Public: Your images, CSS and JS files among others, should stay here in this directory.

Module: The directory where are the modules of your application. The Zend Framework, now in its first version, aimed to be modular. However, due to many factors. Starting with version 2, Zend Framework made it clear that it should be implemented by modules within the application.

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