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 How to install laravel 5.0

Introduction of Laravel & MVC Laravel 5 is one of the most popular PHP frameworks, and it follows the MVC pattern. It is an Open Source framework. It has a very rich set of functionality, which will increase the speed of website development work. If you know PHP well, then Laravel 5 will make yo   read more >>

 Laravel 5 application structure

This Article will explain you about Laravel 5.0 Application Structure. Laravel 5 application lives in the App directory. By default, this directory is namespaced under App and is autoloaded by Composer. After the installation if you see root folder of Laravel 5.0 application, it will look like belo   read more >>

 Laravel 5 request lifecycle

This Article will explain you, how laravel lifecycle works. The Very first thing happens in laravel to load public/index.php file and this file doesn't contain much code. It is simply a starting point for loading the rest of the framework.   index.php file loads the Composer generated   read more >>

 Generating a new laravel application key

Since it automatically set for me in mine .env, when I install the Laravel 5.0, if you want to reset the Application Key you can run one artisan command from your terminal php artisan key:generate After running this command it will show output something like below, that means Application Key has   read more >>

 Create custom config file in laravel

This article will explain you, how to create new config file in the Laravel 5 framework to store all my constants in it. Let's take an example, you want to keep some constant like your website name and email address etc... You can keep all constant at one place and call them dynamically, if in the f   read more >>

 Access environment value in laravel

This article will explain you, how to access environment value in laravel 5 framework. <?php // Simply you can use this code inside your controller function to get environment value. echo app()->environment(); ?> You can also specifically check for if the current environment is set to   read more >>

 Setup multiple environment for laravel 5

This article will explain you, how to setup Multiple Environment for Laravel 5  When you install laravel 5 one .env file will be created during installation. In this article I will setup two environment, local & production, check the below steps 1. Create two Environment files name as lo   read more >>

 Where to put model in laravel 5

This article will explain you, where to put model in laravel 5. By default laravel provide one model and named is user.php which is inside app directory, If you want to move it in particular directory you are free to do it but for that you need to follow some conventions. Now let's create one   read more >>